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VIP Paspaley Pearl Farm Tour

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Paspaley is the world’s leading pearl company for both natural pearls and cultured pearls.  Paspaley’s South Sea pearls today sit in a category of their own because of their superior quality.  Today, they are recognised internationally as Paspaley Pearls.  These pearls are created naturally in the pristine waters off Australia’s northwest coast.

Discover our quest for the perfect pearl in your exclusive Paspaley Pearl Farm Tour.  Your adventure begins aboard our 72ft catamaran where you will receive a complimentary "Pearlini" Champagne Cocktail on arrival.  Explore the journey of our pearls from seabed to store, experience the pearl harvest - a true ‘moment of reveal’, sample Paspaley Pearl Meat and enjoy a premium Luggers Lunch.  After disembarking, discover the inspiration behind Paspaley’s Signature Collections at our Broome Boutique.

Broome Pearl Farm Tours offers a guided journey by a 4th Generation Pearler.  The exclusive Paspaley Pearl Farm is located in Roebuck Bay, just 3kms from Town Beach Foreshore.  Unravel the mysteries of the very unique pearling industry, an unmeasurable authentic experience not to be forgotten. A once in a lifetime adventure.  These tours are only operating for a limited period.

Tour inclusions:

  • Guided journey aboard 72 ft catamaran Karma IV

  • Complimentary "Pearlini" champagne cocktail on arrival

  • Observe the pearl farmers hard at work

  • Become versed in the history and cultivation of pearls

  • Sightings of an array of marine and wildlife

  • Experience the harvest of a pearl from a live oyster shell

  • An opportunity to harvest your own pearl and purchase if desired*

  • Differentiate between Paspaley Australian South Sea Pearls and other varieties of pearls

  • Premium Pearl Meat entrée followed by our chefs Luggers Lunch  with a selection of alcoholic refreshments available onboard

  • Complimentary refreshments and viewing of the latest collection at the Paspaley Pearls Boutique

  • Hotel Transfers: pick up and drop off for your convenience (or self drive - see below)

  • Premium Luggers Lunch is included in the ticket price, choose your meal at checkout


You may wish to choose the self drive option, leaving your vehicle at the rear of the Broome Visitors Centre (free parking).  After our return from the Paspaley Pearl farm, our tours final destination is the Paspaley Pearls Boutique in Chinatown, an approx 200m walk from the Visitors Centre, you may prefer this option if you wish to stay in Chinatown for a meal or in case you need to get away quickly, or, in case you wish to take more time at the boutique, and thus avoiding the bus transfer home.   You can choose the Self-Drive Option from the  PickUp Location list on booking.

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