Hands down the best Pearl farm tour in Broome . A most enjoyable day and an experience we won’t forget . Very well organised and the food is sensational along with very modest bar prices for drinks it’s an all round 5 star experience without the five star price.

Peter Hawthorn 5 Stars

Broome, WA on 23rd June

Best day out in Broome!

Patty Luna 5 Stars

4th July

Well done to all the people involved with this excursion. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Yvonne Hodder 5 Stars

3rd July

Absolutely sensational! Great trip - very informative and seeing the pearls live harvested was amazing, tasting pearl meat and the food overall fantastic! Want an authentic trip? Do this one.

Ann Fairbrother Lund 5 Stars

27th June

Five star experience !!!

Amazing Tour , Delicious Food , Big Boat , Excellent crew 

The overall tour was devised well to both tourist and local who want to spend half a day to be in the blue ocean to relax and unwind and to witness the magic of Mother Nature one of the most precious jewels God created the Australian Pearl .
Really we enjoyed our day . This was a great activity for a day 
Highly recommended to all my Filipino Family and friends to discover the secret of life of the worlds most precious jewels and the rich history the place we are living now in this abundant place in Broome .

Stella Piscos 5 Stars

Broome, WA on 2nd July

Wonderful new Pearl Farm Tour, informative talk,pearl meat tasting, tasty bento box lunch provided, some refreshments included, lots of room to move on Karma IV, enjoyed our tour immensely, can recommend this trip to anyone.

Audrey Donnelly 5 Stars

23rd June

Broome Pearl Farm Tours visits Paspaley Pearl Farm in Roebuck Bay.  It's a wonderful opportunity to visit a commercial pearl farm out on the water. Lunch was fabulous served in custom made bento boxes.  There's a bar on board to purchase drinks by either cash or credit card.  If you want to learn how pearls are produced, see a pearl harvested from a live oyster, taste pearl meat, get out on the water, visit Paspaley Pearls Boutique, take advantage of complimentary transfers this tour is for you.  The marine life is amazing and soon you'll be able to see humpback whales.  It's a great tour on a beautiful boat the Karma IV, there's plenty of room to move around - enjoy!

Robyn Maher. 5 Stars

Broome, WA on 28th May

We were really lucky to join this unique tour and had an absolutely amazing time.   From the beginning to the end everything was perfect.   The guide is very experienced, the tour very interesting and highly recommend for anyone to take the opportunity to join the tour,  spend the day on a beautiful boat and learning all about the Paspaley Pearling history.

Anne Mueller. 5 Stars

Broome, WA on 4th June

What a beautiful day out on the water.   From the tram ride to the luxury cruise,  delicious lunch and epic tour of the secret

Paspaley pearling culture,   I was intrigued and delighted to be a part of the whole experience.   The tour was so close to town it was just the perfect day....   I cannot recommend this husband and wife team enough.

Michelle Satch. 5 Stars

Broome, WA on 3rd June

This tour was beyond amazing!  We were collected from our accommodation by tram, taken to the beach and transported onto the beautiful large stable boat.  The day was perfect, blue sky and turquoise sea, nice and flat and calm.  We saw various marine life along the way such as Manta Rays and turtles and a snub finned dolphin.  We sailed around Gantheum Point, Redell beach, the Port then out to Paspaley's working Pearl farm.  We were served a Bento box of divine mixed asian ingredients and eco friendly utensils on the way, wrapped in an artist designed scarf.   We then got up close and personal with a working Pearling boat and got to see Pinctada Maxima large pearl shells pulled from the ocean floor and cleaned and then one was put onto our boat and harvested in front of us!   We saw the gigantic perfect champagne pearl in its pearl flesh in the shell and could feel it and touch it.  Then we could hold the heavy Gi-normous freshly harvested pearl in our hand!!!   I had only wished they held an auction so we could purchase it!!!   Once we headed back towards land we were served several flavoured varieties of pearl meat in little petite bamboo boats that was beyond divine.   Mouth watering.   On the trip home the lovely young lady ( unfortunately I didn't get her name) who made sure our trip was running smoothly at all points told me all about the original Broome tram in 1895 that ran from near Streeters Jetty and its history and how they had looked long and hard to bring back some incredible history to Broome by sourcing this tram.  This was a 10/10, once in a lifetime experience which I highly reccommend to anyone and everyone who is lucky enough to experience the magic of this one off unique experience of seeing Paspaley Pearls/South Sea Pearls grown, cleaned, cared for and harvested right in front of you.   The crew from Karma IV were amazing.   THANK YOU for allowing me to experience such a great day out in Broome.

Jodie Huggins. 5 Stars

Broome, WA on 31st May

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