The Japanese attack on Broome is the second most deadly air raid on Australian soil in our history and yet it's almost entirely overlooked.  On 3 March 1942, nine Japanese Zero planes strafed the small town planning to destory the aerodrome and the American planes they knew were there.

With no notice, the inhabitants could only put up minimal opposition and in an attack that lasted only an hour, almost one hundred men, women and children lost their lives.  Not a single operational aircraft remained in Broome and the shocking loss of human life was truly incalculable.

The Ghosts of Roebuck Bay tells the story of this tragedy, shining light on a story that has slipped through the cracks of history.  A captivating take of refugees and soldiers, of reputations made and lost, of survival and spirit that resonates even today.

Paperback, 304 pages, 

Author - Ian W. Shaw

The Ghosts of Roebuck Bay