In the 1930’s Nicholas Paspaley came of age on the graceful old wooden pearling luggers and a lifetime obsession with pearls took hold.


With the counter-intuitive boldness of a visionary entrepreneur, Nicholas bought his first lugger at 19. He went on to create the foundations of a company that would revolutionise the pearling industry; navigating through the perils of hard hat diving, fearsome cyclones and surviving a decimated traditional pearling industry. 


Early Japanese connections ensured the traditional secret methods of operating pearls have been passed through the generations, and still exist today to produce the most beautiful pearls in the world.


Captain Herbert Kennedy, aka H.K.Unsinkable was a Master Pearler in Broome in the 1900’s and worked nine Pearl Luggers. 


We are his 4th generation grandchildren, including our Director Mark Posch, who is employed by Paspaley Pearls and has been so for some 30 years.